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Creating a seamless onboarding experience

Da Vinci Kids, one of Macadamia's two brands, is a global subscription service for award-winning educational TV shows and games. They provide ad-free, age-appropriate content in 21 languages, to 60 million kids and families, in over 190 countries. Their service is available as a Mobile App, TV App, and linear TV channel.

My Role

User Research, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI, and Project Management.

The Challenge

Macademia were looking to improve the onboarding experience for their flagship product, the Da Vinci Kids mobile app. The challenge was to improve on the current completion rate and conversion rate metrics, whilst adhering to the new brand strategy and creative direction.


The Solution

A redesign of the onboarding flow meant that significant improvements could be made to the user experience. These improvements included a better insight as to what the product has to offer, enhancing the personalisation aspect, and giving more clarity into what the free trial entails.



User testing the existing onboarding flow

To understand where the existing app onboarding flow wasn't performing so well, I conducted remote user testing sessions with parent users*. These sessions enabled me to uncover thoughts and feelings around the onboarding experience, as well as identify any usability issues.

*The onboarding section of the app is aimed at the parent user, rather than the child user, due to the involvement of account creation, profile preferences, and ultimately, payment.


Organising and grouping UX research insights

The user testing sessions were incredibly successful due to the vast range of feedback gathered from the parents who participated. To group and organise all of this qualitative research, I ran an affinity diagram mapping session. The following lists some of the particularly interesting insights:


Wireframing and initial design concepts

Once the areas that we wanted to improve were identified, the initial phase of the redesign was underway. This iterative process involved a sequence of early sketches, digital wireframes, and high-fidelity design concepts. This was very much a collaborative process between myself, the UI designer, and the senior visual designer. Once the final wireframes had been signed off, I was able to use Figma to start the UI design process, as well as share prototypes with the rest of my team.


Welcome screen and onboarding carousel

To visualise and explain what is actually inside the main app, I designed a carousel that sits at the beginning of the flow. These simple card-based screens enable the user to swipe through a variety of feature descriptions and values. Paired with this was the redesign of the welcome screen, applying the new visual design style, with updated imagery and copy.


Creating a personalised experience

Another part of the onboarding that was revamped was the profile creation section. Not only did it receive a visual redesign, but a part two was added, enabling the parent to select their child's favourite interests. This creates a personalised experience as this would then influence what videos and games the child user would see in the main app.


Creating a secure and unique password

The password creation process was also reworked, to make the credentials visually stand out, and respond to the user input. The credentials were written in a simple layman's terms sentence, but would be individually highlighted in an error state should their requirement not be met. I designed and then worked with the app dev team to finetune this neat addition.


Transparent and honest payment plan design

The business relies on subscriptions and so designing the payment plan page design was incredibly important. That being said, we as a team felt being transparent with the user was morally the right thing to do. Therefore, the payment page visualises exactly what happens when the user starts their free trial. We hope that this builds an element of trust and honesty, therefore leading to higher free trial conversion rates.

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